What you can do to help

What you can do:

If you live in Stroud District 
  • If you own any land of more than ¼ acre within the Stroud District or have badgers in your garden and oppose the cull then contact us so we can get your details and add your name to the Stroud 100 listing. Contact us at nickberry83@yahoo.co.uk
  •  If you know of like minded people please  ask them to contact us to be added to the list.
  • If you live in Nailsworth, Painswick or Durlsey and would be prepared to ask your Town council  to join the Stroud 100 please contact us and we'll provide all the materials to enable you  to do this as a local resident. 
  • If you know how to make a good contact with the Gloucestershire Diocese and would be prepared to talk us through it please contact us as they are believed to be major local landowners
If you live outside of Stroud District 
      Think if you could start up your own local campaign to stop any potential cull in your area using the same approach.
      If you haven't done it already. sign up to the national 38 degrees petition which is looking to   stop the cull at a national level  http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/badgers-petition
     Help the Badger Trust by donating something to them as they have to fund their Judicial Review to try and stop the cull http://www.nfbg.org.uk/content/j-Donate.asp


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